Pravasi Resolution

For the very first time in history, an attempt is made to connect the Indian diaspora living around the world! No country has ever endeavoured to connect their population living globally in such a manner ever! A centralised platform is opened up, which will provide the Indian diaspora a unique outlet to share their cultural practices and resolve their disputes.

Through Peacegate, a unique platform is opened up to the entire pravasi community (overseas Indians), and members of associated pravasi associations all over the world. The collaboration is intended to promote peace and harmony within the Indian diaspora and with the people they interact and live with.

Mediation and arbitration as dispute resolution methods are popular for being less hostile and faster than other means of resolution processes, hence the use of such methods will solve disputes faster while still maintaining unity within the community.

This is ideal because, whether it is family disputes or business disputes, it will be resolved by professionals who understand the particular cultural nuances that underlie each disagreement. In addition to the culturally apposite services granted, NRI’s all over the world will have access to accredited professionals with experience in commercial matters, who also share common languages and experiences with them. NRI’s will also have access to APCAM centres (Asia Pacific Centre for Arbitration & Mediation) and facilities, located all over the Asia-Pacific countries, for any cross-border or international disputes.

The ease of access to solutions will help the pravasi community to find everlasting solution to their disputes, wherever they are!