About Peacegate

Peacegate is an ADR ERP software, which integrates all facets of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms like negotiation, mediation or arbitration, making access to justice easy and affordable. It envisions a new justice system that works at the speed of technology, enabling fast and fair resolutions anywhere within the reach of the internet, integrating automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI), to make dispute resolution process with minimal errors and with high efficiency.

Peacegate International (P) Limited, partnering with the Indian Institute of Arbitration & Mediation (IIAM) and InIT Solutions has developed this innovative and ground-breaking application allowing access to justice, justice delivery and making an exciting attempt of social transition to make our world a safe, sustainable, peaceful and prosperous place to live.

Peacegate Application has been mentioned in the NITI Aayog Expert Committee Report on ODR, “Designing the Future of Dispute Resolution: The ODR Policy Plan for India”, which was published in October 2021 (Page 58). Peacegate is also mentioned by the International Mediation Institute in its website.

IIAM is one of the pioneer institutions in India, providing institutional ADR services from 2001 onwards. IIAM is enlisted by the Department of Justice, Government of India for helping various ministries and government departments to resolve disputes out-of-court through mediation and arbitration. IIAM is a founding member of the Asia Pacific Centre for Arbitration & Mediation (APCAM) and the first institution in India approved by the International Mediation Institute (IMI).

InIT Solutions is a growing IT Company with a vision of achieving new innovative heights in the field of Software Development, having more than 100 clients that include many major national and international organizations. InIT has expertise in developing secure and user friendly customized products with AI and automation features.