E-Document Creator

Peacegate provides the digital software to create documents online. The process is also integrated with the facility for e-signature service authenticated with the Application Service Provider. This option is in-built with the Peacegate ADR services for making mediated settlement agreements and arbitral awards with utmost security.

In this fast-changing digital world, we have witnessed an enhanced adoption of automation techniques and strategies to pace-up work productivity. Even though signing on paper does feel credible, there are a lot of pitfalls related to the security of paper documentation. Physical documents and signatures come with its own set of limitations in the form of susceptibility to forging, low durability, poor access, etc. Similarly, the threats of untimely disasters such as accidental fires or natural calamities as well as theft and damage due to negligence can be notable factors hampering the safety of paper documents.

On the other hand, electronically signed documents are protected by a unique means of authentication and encryption to assure safety. E-signatures follow the notion that internet could be used as a credible method for business transactions and more than just a means of communication, it could make transactions a lot simpler.

Peacegate E-Document creator is intended to help people sign contracts from wherever they are, without the need of traveling to the distances, in a hassle-free manner. It would also be helpful for saving time as well as costs for printing, storage, and maintenance of documents.

The Information Technology Act provides validity for contracts that use authentication methods specified in it. Peacegate E-Document Creator follows the best standard practices to prove the validity of electronically signed documents, which brings the much-needed automation and throughput efficiency.

The document creation and signing process maintain the mechanism for verifying the identity of signatories, through a verification email to the signatory’s unique email address for an OTP, the signing party should provide consent for conducting the transaction electronically, with a clear description of the intent of the signing party to sign the document electronically with the method used for signing. There is a secure tracking of the process with an audit trail for logging each step and a tamperproof-evident seal for securing the final document. The e-signature will be time-stamped with the date, time, GPS coordinates and live photograph associated with the signatory. The document will be attached with an authorization seal with a QR code of the original document uploaded in the cloud, so that the parties could download the tamper-free document at any time. Peacegate E-document creator ensures that the document can’t undergo any unauthorized changes once it is signed. The document is then shared with all the parties and the process is completed.

With Peacegate E-document Creator, you don’t have to wait for someone to visit or courier and scan signed documents. There is no need for any type of downloading, printing or sending through courier or mail with e-signatures. All that is needed is signing and sending and everything else is taken care by the automation and AI support of the application to create a secure, tamperproof and credible document.