ADR Directory

Peacegate maintains a Directory of ADR Neutrals and Professionals. The mediators and arbitrators empanelled with Indian Institute of Arbitration & Mediation will be included in the Directory of Neutrals. The Directory also displays the list of mediation advocates/ consultants who are certified by IIAM.

The ADR Directory will have the full details of training, accreditation and experience of the mediators and arbitrators. It will have the feedback digest created by the Reviewer based on the feedback given by Users and professionals. This will give the users and disputants opportunity to select the best suited neutrals for their dispute, thereby experiencing uniform high-standard practice, who follow established ethical standards and common code of conduct, bringing credibility and professionalism to mediators and arbitrators. The Directory will also show the mediation or arbitration centres under which they are empanelled.

The mediators, arbitrators and mediation consultants can use this Directory as a public profile document giving maximum visibility of their professional resume to the users and disputants. The App also allows the neutral to create an electronic business card, which could be shared to social media or email/ Whatsapp.