Peacegate Affiliation

Peacegate App provides the facility for creating affiliation with IIAM for establishing your professional practice as a mediator or arbitrator. Various options are provided for promoting your professional practice.

Peacegate Affiliation helps mediators to start their professional mediation practice. If you are a certified mediator, you can use your space at office or home to conduct mediation and affiliate with Peacegate to make it an Approved Mediation Access Point (AMAP) or Approved Mediation Centre (AMC).

Similarly if you are a certified arbitrator, you can start Approved Arbitration Centre (AAC). If the neutral has the facility to conduct both mediation and arbitration, they can start the Approved ADR Centre (AADRC).

Your profile and office space will be integrated in the App for availing ADR service by disputants and users. This will make the AMAP and AMC a mediation centre under the ADR services which the disputants can select and AAC and AADRC as an arbitration or ADR centre under the App. Peacegate will serve as a virtual office assisting and guiding you on all mediations and arbitrations registered through the App. It will guide you to conduct mediation and arbitration as per the approved processes and assist you in issuing reports and certificates. The App will also function as a Record book to indicate the progress and stage of the process and can also work as a log book indicating the hours of mediation or arbitration that you have conducted. For maintaining and upgrading the accreditation, the App will also allow you to collect the feedback forms from the parties for preparing the Feedback Digest.

The uniform standard, quality and competency services will make your mediation and arbitration practice more credible and professional, expanding your area of practice.