ADR Services

Peacegate allows you to resolve your dispute by various options of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms. It includes online negotiation, online and offline mediation, deal mediation, project mediation and online and offline arbitration.

Peacegate App allows you to invite a person for online negotiation either to resolve a dispute or to make a deal. The entire conversation in the chat room gets deleted from the party’s chat room on completion, maintaining complete confidentiality/privacy of the process. If the other person refuses to communicate, or if the negotiation fails, you can end negotiation and can opt to refer the dispute for mediation. This is an absolutely free service.

By Peacegate Mediation Service, you can initiate mediation to resolve a dispute with the assistance of a mediator for conducting the same in a mediation centre near you or to be conducted online. Peacegate will provide the list of various mediation centres available near you and also display the details of mediators enlisted in such centres. The entire administrative process of appointing the mediator and complying with the necessary legal and administrative requirements will be done with Peacegate automation process, ensuring a hassle free commencement of mediation.

In case of offline mediation, the App will also help in scheduling the meetings and booking the conference room in the mediation centre. For online mediation, Peacegate uses the dedicated web-platform of “Edrameet”, which provide customised room for mediation, providing confidentiality and privacy, where parties can also chat with the mediator privately.

The App also assists the mediator to generate the Mediated Settlement Agreement, making sure that all mandatory legal requirements of a settlement agreement are complied, so that the human errors are eliminated. The parties, lawyers and mediator can also sign the settlement agreement online, with absolute digital security.

The App also provides service of Deal-mediation or Transactional-mediation, whereby parties could make or conclude deals with the assistance of a mediator. The App also maintain the hotline-hub for the purpose of Project Mediation, which is provided under the IIAM Rules, under the Dispute Prevention & Management system, whereby the parties to the contract jointly appoints a “Project Mediator”, so that the parties would have the opportunity to work together, in a more collaborative and mutually beneficial environment and oversee that the contract proceeds smoothly.

Peacegate App also allows to commence arbitration process, if there is an appropriate arbitration clause in the contract. The App will assist you to schedule the arbitration sittings and book the arbitration halls in the centre for conducting arbitration. The App will also help the arbitrator to issue procedural orders, notices and reports. In the case of online arbitration, Peacegate uses the dedicated Platform of “Edrameet”, which provide customised arbitration room for conducting arbitration, providing specified space for arbitral tribunal, parties and lawyers and administrative secretary or stenographer.

Dispute Resolution in Digital Economy (DRDE) is possible only through online platform. UNCITRAL in its Technical Notes on ODR has emphasised on equal treatment of the parties, maintaining the neutrality of the system, providing a consistent, fair, transparent process with accountability, due process and predictable procedures. Thus Peacegate ADR Services is best suited for DRDE, which provide facility to resolve dispute in a simple, fast, flexible and secure manner, without the need for physical presence at a meeting or hearing.

Since Peacegate has incorporated multilingual options, the services can be used by people with diverse language and cultural backgrounds from different countries, for resolving their disputes, without any language barriers and difficulty.